Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

links to me

this blog has been left to rot for quite some time because I have other sites. here they are:
my pages


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

final post

I'm closing down this blog. it just holds too many bad memories and I want to focus on moving forward to better things. bye

what a waste

I wasted so much time and money on that delsym experiment. all that I'm going to get out of it is toxic shite. that's right, I might not dook for a little while, but when I do it will peel the paint off the walls. the jalapenos and coffee are not easily forgotten. my farts require you to wear a radiation suit today, I can't imagine what the sheast is going to be like!
all dook jokes aside, the first thing I'm doing when I get my 401k is I'm getting a pet. this little apartment is so lonesome. I'll get like a ferret, or a rat, or something. if it's rats, there will be 2 and they will be female. the dude rats are assholes.
I was up so late last nightfinding out about cool websites on youtube. if any of them are worth while, I'll be sure to send the info along.

Friday, October 16, 2009

reverse cough syrup

delsym is reverse robitussin. it still makes you not hungry, but you don't trip either. the delsym makes everything stop, so I'm giving it coffee, jalapeno peppers and psyllium shakes. all things that speed digestion the right way. let's add some hot sauce and fight the delsym. I might be up all night fighting the delsym, but I can't just sit here. everything feels bacwards too. help, coffee!

stormy night

I'm stuck inside alone again. I'm going crazy in here by myself. nothing to do but bliggity bliggity blig. my digits will get damaged if all I do is blog my brains out! my mind is already cracking from boredom.

just in case

I'm trying something different here, so if I don't make it back, I'd like a certain few people to know they are appreciated. the list is not in order: my mom, shawn, katie, blake, gangsta joe, logan, rick, mike millard, david mesa, dan kepler, arianne fulk, robin smith, cindy shackleford, heather from pgc, brenda napier, janet pimm, john bush, cal klippel, eric terrell. if i skipped you, it's either because I just forgot and made my list on the spur of the moment, or you were meant to be left out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's me-gol

I just had to do it! i don't know whether I like him with or without the hair, so I'll put both up here. FUNNY!!!


i cashed my check, paid the electric bill and made a list of places to apply for a job at. sometimes it seems that there is just no place left for poor andy. it's not that i feel particularly bad, it's just that i feel i'm kind of cursed to sit here and be useless. i don't know what to do! I have to get groceries still and to tell the truth, you know what will probably make it's way into my basket. anyway, I'll eat lunch first and wait until after 6 to start it up just to make sure that nobody's going to call me and that arkron won't come knocking on my door. my new music downloads are doing good, so at least I'll have something good to listen to. that picture of the monster this morning was already in my computer, so I'll go find another one and say blig you later.

still so bored

I got my 401k thing and my check from george dahl, so I'm just killing some time until I go take care of that and the electric bill. I've also got to get some groceries at the store, so I might as well do that too while I'm out. I still want to go make fun of the doctor at lakeside's emergency room again. I was thinking about it in my sleep. like... I should pretend to be on drugs again and make fun of dr. rat-fink phd. tell him he looks like steve buscemi and that his freemason's iron cross on a hemp necklace isn't as cool as he thinks it is. I can't help but think about getting more robitussin and having another wild time in brain-land, but I also am oh-so tired of that too. i'll just find a picture and say blig you later.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i wonder if there's a posts per day limit?

I'm bored. I've heard viking metal, pirate metal, melodic death and speed. I've seen alex jones michael tsarion and david icke's entire filmography. did you know that a person can get bored with porn? I am! does brad neely have any new videos? now you don't have to look because I already seen them all! I don't want to guess how many movies I've seen. new world order freemason this and luciferian illuminati that! if it's got aspartame fluoride and mercury in it, then it must have high fructose corn syrup too. video games bore me to tears and I don't get any pleasure from youtube anymore. I know google video's entire inventory and what you can and can't watch on care to guess at how many websites i've been to? me either! I've played and gotten super stuck in every quest for glory and pretty much thrown my life away to final fantasy. I've had damn near every kind of beer and if I drink any more liquor I'll only get sicker. I can probably tell what brand of robitussin you've got just by smell AND what other ingredients are in it. I can tell if it's dextromethorphan polistyrex by putting it in a clear container and shaking it to see if it sticks to the sides. I've smoked almost every kind of pot and some things that are not. do you know that no snooze, no-doz, and ultra pep pak all give you a different feeling? I can tell them apart! ever gotten high on benadryl? dramamine? know that benadryl and sleeping pills are the same thing and that they feel a whole lot like nutmeg? I do. I'm tired of it! there's got to be something for me to do! something more rewarding than just sit here and get dumber by the moment! PLEASE HELP!!!! I"M GOING INSANE!!!!!

andy, a 40, robitussin!

well, yesterday morning was going ok. I was feeling good listening to smooth jazz and I even threw out all the old bottles of every type. while I was doing that, there was heavy construction equipment working outside. it was loudand I was kind of wondering what was going on. meanwhile inside my brain, the voices that the doctors talked about were ramping up and gaining volume. at first I just drank my coffee and didn't worry about it. the jazz was really good and they had joel van beuren announcing. the female voice announcing what jazz was playing was a little soothing too. I said "why don't I give one of these video games a shot?" I tried a few different ones. the warcraft game was new and confusing, ok, something else. how about prince of persia 3? the prince didn't have much brain power and couldn't solve the simplest puzzle. I said "final fantasy is easy, I'll play that." I put in #10 and all of the menus went wonky and I couldn't pay attention to the cinematics. sometrhing was wrong. I thought that I had permanently damaged my brain because of 1 too many robitussins. I decided to go contact my parents because they should help me. I was totally paranoid and had given up all hope of returning to normal at this point because I couldn't play final fantasy and I couldn't play guitar. I showed up at 98 east ave. to be greeted by the dog and my dad was patient with me. I explained that my fear was that I had permanently damaged my brain because things were getting crossed and mangled and worse all the time. he took me to the hospital and they asked it was like when gollum was taken into mordor to be asked about the ring. amid my un-intelligable babble they got robitussin and that I didn't know how much I took. sauron, the doctor with the iron cross that looks like steve buscemi was very tired of me and sent me to the back room. at some poit they detached all the cables which kept me from running back and forth to the bathroom in front of all the emergency room patients. my mom got there and eventualy I came down from the drugs and they let us leave. my mom made dinner for us and my dad went to his important meeting. we walked the dog and tried to watch a movie, but I was too tired. I was walked home with the dog again and warned that bernie might call me. THAT WAS ROUGH! i don't think I'll touch anything like that again.